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Consumer Information

The Nebraska Hospital Association (NHA) and its member hospitals are providing this information to help you make decisions about your health care. This web site provides information on hospital pricing and quality, provides links to individual hospitals here in Nebraska, and answers commonly asked questions about bills for health care services. This information is not designed to offer medical advice, and is only one avenue to assist you in making well-informed health care decisions.

No one knows more about you than you do! Adopt healthy behaviors and visit your doctor regularly. Follow your doctor’s instructions about lifestyle issues, such as smoking, diet, and exercise; become knowledgeable about preventive health care measures such as mammograms, screenings for colorectal cancer and prostate cancer; if you have a particular condition such as diabetes or asthma, become proactive about steps you can take to manage your condition.

Information about pricing
The pricing information displayed here is representative of hospitals charges. If you have insurance, you will also be interested in the amount you will be responsible for – coinsurance (the amount of covered charges you are responsible for) and deductibles (the amount you must pay before the insurance company begins to pay). The actual charges on the statement you receive from the hospital.
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Information about quality
Nebraska’s hospitals participate in a variety of quality initiatives, in an effort to assure that the care you receive is the right care, every time. There are many web sites that contain information about the quality of care provided by hospitals.
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Areas of Special Interest
A Safer Health Care Experience
Hospitals Building Healthy Communities
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Frequently Asked Questions about hospital bills
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Links to Web Sites of Interest
For general questions about health care, refer to these web sites.
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View the list of NHA Hospitals
See a map of their location and addresses.
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